Collagen powder benefits

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Collagen has turned into one of the most popular supplements all around the world and this popularity comes from the benefits of it. If you look at this issue deeper, you will notice that those who are not a fan of collagen, seriously know nothing about the benefits of collagen powder. Just let us know, who doesn’t want beauty and strength as well as omitting aging symptoms with a natural and vital nutrition?

Here we tried to collect a full list of the advantages of collagen powder supplement. I hope you find it useful. But first, let’s know the collagen powder better by finding what it is made of!

Collagen powder benefits

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What is collagen made of?

Collagen is a protein peptide powder (not a full protein molecule) which is made of animal collagen. All human and animals produce collagen in the body naturally, though aging can affect on the quality and quantity of the produced collagen. That’s why collagen powder is offered as a supplement to cover the lack of it in the body.

To produce collagen powder, 4 main resources are introduced as below:

  1. Grass fed cow
  2. Chicken
  3. Egg shell
  4. Wild fish

All of the mentioned collagen types can be beneficial, however the Marine collagen or the collagen which is derived from wild fish is eco-friendlier choice.

Collagen powder benefits

There are 7 awesome benefits can be brought by collagen that are mentioned below:

Healthier skin

Elasticity and skin softness is due to the amount of collagen our body produces. When you start the aging process, collagen is produced harder and less in the body, no matter how much good nutrition we send to our bodies. So, as soon as you pass 30, small lines and wrinkles start to appear on your face. Many people try to cover these wrinkles by Botox injections, well it is not a bad behavior but not as healthy as using collagen powder and refreshing your skin while preparing the collagen needed.

So, if you want to have a healthier skin, collagen can help you in this way!

No joint pain

Sometimes heavy exercises, sometimes genetic disorders, sometimes aging and other issues can make you have joint pains. In order to remove the joint pains, you need to send more collagen to the body. As a result, having a collagen protein powder supplement in your regime can prepare the required collagen by the body. This way, you can fully omit the joint pain (if it is due to lack of collagen) or reduce the pain (if the pain is due to another reason).

The point is collagen is like an extra amount of cartilage added to the current amount. So, the bones move more smoothly and no joint pain comes to you.

Avoid bone loss

Avoid bone loss

We all assume bones are mostly made of calcium while it is mostly made of collagen! That’s why when we use collagen powder, the bones become stronger. Another symptom of aging is bone loss that approximately 90% of people experience. So, people start using calcium supplements only to prevent bone loss, while it can’t be fully beneficial.

Studies show, women who used calcium plus collagen supplement experienced less bone loss. Even if you omit the calcium usage, and only use collagen powder, again a better experience of not losing bones is fulfilled. The point is, calcium can’t really cover all the needs of bones, while collagen has the capacity to prepare the main requirements.

So, if you think of avoiding bone loss, don’t miss collagen supplements.

More muscle mass

Have you noticed many athletes use a special supplement between workouts? One of the main supplements used by most of the athletes is collagen as it helps to improve muscle mass. In fact, they use collagen to have a better protein absorbent rather than fat absorbent.

Better heart and brain performance

Healthy heart and brain in a healthy body! While everyone assumes collagen is only helpful for outer parts of the body, research has proved, collagen can reduce the risk of heart or brain attacks which means collagen helps the inner organs performance as well. Mood improvement and anxiety reduction are other reports by using collagen (however it is not proved by any research).

Nail and hair improvement

Nail and hair, as well as skin demand for a nutrition to be fresh and shiny, while preventing the breaks. If you experience nail breaks regularly or hair split end, collagen can help you experience a shinier nail and hair. Besides, collagen powder can help you to grow your nails and hair faster.

Helping weight loss

Collagen is a filler and makes you feel full for a long time. Besides, it increases metabolism which will help you avoid absorbing extra fat when you eat greasy food. That’s why many diet specialists offer collagen powder a great catalyzer in losing weight.

Besides the mentioned benefits, many people experienced better digestion and gut performance after using collagen powder supplement.

When and how to use collagen?

When and how to use collagen?

Collagen is better to be mixed in a drink however, many people like it mixed in a soup, stew, etc. The main way to use collagen powder highly depends on your preferences. If you like it mixed in the morning coffee, have it, if you think collagen powder in a smoothie makes a bomb, then do it or if you like it to be mixed in your food, then do it. It is all your choice.

So, when and how to use collagen? You choose it completely!

Last word

Collagen powder is better to be used rather than not to use as the benefits of collagen are necessary to everyone’s life. It is worth mentioning that we collected all the mentioned information from the first and best collagen online magazine called CollagenMag. If you need further information about collagen powder, we refer you to CollagenMag. Hope you find it useful.

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